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See Note 4, Property, Plant and Equipment, for further information.We have cause to terminate the employment of a named executive officer involuntarily where that officer materially breaches his employment agreement, fails to perform his duties, intentionally acts in a manner that is injurious to us, or violates our code of conduct.These estimates are based primarily on rate plans in effect and our historical usage and billing patterns.Change the date range, chart type and compare Sprint Corporation Common Stock against other companies.However, our foreign income tax activity has been immaterial.Our business, financial condition, liquidity or results of operations could be materially adversely affected by any of these risks.

Accordingly, ordinary asset retirements and disposals on those assets are charged against accumulated depreciation with no gain or loss recognized.Indenture, dated as of October 1, 1998, by and among Sprint Capital Corporation, Sprint Corporation and The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A. (as successor to Bank One, N.A.).For our business customers, we aim to increase their productivity by providing differentiated services that utilize the advantages of combining wireline IP networks with wireless technology.Form of Award Agreement (awarding restricted stock units) under the 2011 Long-Term Incentive Plan for executive officers with Nextel employment agreements.To our knowledge, based solely on a review of the copies of these reports furnished to us and written representations, during 2013 all Section 16(a) filing requirements applicable to our directors, executive officers and beneficial owners of more than 10% of our equity securities were met, other than Mr.On July 2, 2013, the SEC notified Sprint Communications that it was closing its investigation and did not intend to recommend an enforcement action against it.

In addition, each RSU granted after December 17, 2012, which we refer to as an Unvested 2013 RSU, was converted into a right to receive a cash payment equal to the product of the Merger Consideration, without interest, and the number of shares of Class A Common Stock subject to such Unvested 2013 RSU, each of which we refer to as a 2013 Restricted Cash Account.Accordingly, our debt service requirements are significant in relation to our revenues and cash flow.Use of Benchmarking Data To assist in setting total compensation levels that are reasonably competitive, the Compensation Committee annually reviews market trends in executive compensation and a competitive analysis prepared by Cook.Within the Wireless segment, postpaid wireless services represent the most significant contributors to earnings, and are driven by the number of postpaid subscribers to our services, as well as ARPU.In addition, we provide voice, data and IP communication services to our Wireless segment and IP and other services to cable MSOs.

Retail Prepaid — During 2013, we added 488,000 net prepaid subscribers as compared to adding 2.3 million and 4.3 million in 2012 and 2011, respectively.Prior to the close of the Clearwire Acquisition, we applied the equity method of accounting to the investment in Clearwire because we did not have a controlling vote or the ability to control operating and financial policies.The secure maintenance and transmission of customer information is an important element of our operations.Our ability to compete successfully will depend on our ability to anticipate and respond to various competitive factors affecting the industry, including new services that may be introduced, changes in consumer preferences, demographic trends, economic conditions and pricing strategies.

These securities, which are classified in investments on the consolidated balance sheets, primarily include equity method investments, such as available-for-sale securities.In some instances, resellers that use our network and offer similar services compete against our offerings.He previously served on the board of directors of Clearwire Corporation. 2007 60 Executive Officers Name Experience Current Position Held Since Age Joseph J.Employment Agreement, executed December 20, 2010, effective April 4, 2011, by and between Joseph J.

Capitalized interest is reported as a cost of the network assets or software assets and depreciated over the useful lives of those assets.Our wireline services provided to our Wireless segment are generally accounted for based on market rates, which we believe approximate fair value.Wireless Network Technologies We deliver wireless services to subscribers primarily through our Sprint platform network.

We expect the deployment period for this technology to correspond with the roll out of 4G LTE on our 800 MHz and 2.5 GHz spectrum bands.The non-cancelable portion of these leases generally ranges from monthly up to 15.We expect to be substantially complete with Network Vision by the middle of 2014.For the 2013 STIC plan, the Compensation Committee for the first six-month performance period, and a sub-committee comprised of Messrs.

Additionally, Sprint is offering lower monthly service fees without a contract as an incentive to attract subscribers to the Framily plan.Amended and Restated Employment Agreement, effective December 31, 2008, by and between Robert L.

Various states are considering regulations over terms and conditions of service, including certain billing practices and consumer-related issues that may not be pre-empted by federal law.F-55 Table of Contents Index to Consolidated Financial Statements CLEARWIRE CORPORATION AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS —(CONTINUED) Liquidity To date, we have invested heavily in building and maintaining our networks.Participants elect to allocate deferred and any matching contributions among one or more hypothetical investment options, which include one option that tracks our common stock and other options that track broad-based bond and equity indices.

We have also evaluated our consolidated cell tower portfolio, including the 17,000 cell towers obtained in the Clearwire Acquisition, and identified approximately 6,000 redundant sites that we expect to decommission and terminate the underlying leases.Seventh Supplemental Indenture, dated as of November 20, 2012, by and between Sprint Nextel Corporation and The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.The Audit Committee determined that the non-audit services rendered by KPMG in 2013 and 2012 were compatible with maintaining its independence as auditors of our consolidated financial statements.These decreases were partially offset by increased depreciation expense on assets acquired as a result of the Clearwire Acquisition and asset additions primarily related to network initiatives.We have also continued to focus on further improving 27 Table of Contents customer care.To maintain an adequate amount of available liquidity and execute according to the timeline of our current business plan, which includes network deployment and maintenance, subscriber growth, data usage capacity needs and the expected achievement of a cost structure intended to achieve more competitive margins, we may need to raise additional funds from external resources.Each performance period had discrete performance objectives, and participants generally had to be employed on December 31, 2013 in order to receive compensation for either period.

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